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Junior Class (Y3 - Y6)

New Term September 2021

We had great fun at the netball and basketball tournament at the English Institute of Sport

In Design and Technology, we had to design a boat to a design brief. We tested out our designs and evaluated them. Here are some videos of the different ideas that we had

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This term our topic is ‘Revolution’. We have been finding out about The Victorians and researching the designs of William Morris. We used our own sketches of leaves and his ideas to inspire our own leaf motif mono-printed wallpaper

We also looked at Victorian samplers ( and Mrs Baguley’s lovely modern version!) and then designed and made our own using our initial

Our topic is America and we have been researching the Haida tribe and the symbolism of their totem poles. We designed our own symbolic clay tile to create a class totem pole.

In music we have been exploring beat. We composed our own movements in groups to a four beat pattern.

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Our topic is ‘The City’ and we visited Sheffield to explore street art and inspire our own artwork, including our graffiti tag.

We have been finding out about great architects as part of our topic on the city and how they use plans to design buildings. Florrie’s Mum came to show us how she draws plans as a landscape architect using CAD and drawing by hand. She gave us our own design brief and we drew plans for our own garden.

We gave an outdoor concert to show off our amazing brass ensemble!

Please watch our video of our brass ensemble

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Please watch our video of us singing in a round

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Reading instructions to create origami and developing our own manga style characters as part of our topic on Japan

As part of our topic on Japan, we found out about the importance of the cherry tree and how it is shown in traditional Japanese art. We then studied David Hackney’s I-pad paintings to create our own!

We learnt how to write using Anglo Saxon runes. We thought about whether the Anglo Saxons were artists or in the Dark Ages by researching Anglo Saxon jewellery. We then designed and made our own!

We researched, designed and made Anglo Saxon long houses and then created our own Anglo Saxon settlement in the woods to show the Infants!

We have been learning about earthquakes. We made a seismograph and investigated which structures were most resistant to earthquakes!

We created our own art installation and used digital effects to create a photo image

We were evacuees for the day. We had to leave our homes and travel from Manchester to Millers Dale station and then walk to Litton Village Hall to find out which family we would live with. We brought our own world war 2 packed lunch, gas mask and bag.

We have been designing, making, testing and evaluating models of Anderson shelters

We used a design brief to create a world war 2 themed peg doll and only using materials that we already had

We have been finding out why people had to ‘make-do and mend’ during the Second World War. We have learnt how to darn our socks!

We had a great day at Chatsworth. The autumn colours gave us lots of inspiration for our art day

We created our perspective paintings after walking up the avenue of trees

We looked at the prints of Hokusai and his 36 views of Mount Fuji. We created our own views and learnt how to make a collagraph print

We created 3-D sculptures of mountains to show texture and geographical features

We have been learning about different rhythms in music and how to count a beat. We are experts at passing several bean bags in time to different music. It’s not as easy as it sounds!

Congratulations TT Rock Stars! Rock on!!!

In Art we have been researching Maya headdresses to create our own versions.

We have made traditional Maya food for our celebration. We listened to Maya music and our own Maya myths.

Here is our timetable for this term.

We have been finding out about what life at Litton Mill was like. We visited Quarry Bank Mill to experience life as an apprentice.

We have looked at lots of different sources of evidence to answer the question was Litton always a lovely place to live?

We followed the course of the stream in Tideswell Dale to the river at Litton Mill, to inspire us to create images in our poems

In music we listened to Handel’s Water Music. We then composed our own suite of pieces on the theme of water.

The Storm composition

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The Arctic composition

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The Waterfall composition

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The Great Lake composition

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In art we have studied reflections at Litton Mill and Monet’s River Thames series to create our own paintings.

We imagined what the Loch Ness monster could look like and created a sketch and sculpture showing movement and texture.

We had a doodle day. An artist visited us to talk about resilience and developing our growth mindset.

We performed at The Bridgewater Hall!

We took part in lots of different sporting activities at the English Institute of Sport

Visiting the remains of a Roman fort to inspire us to make a piece of surrealist art based on the work of Salvador Dali

We have been researching, designing and making Roman chariots.

In Art we have been researching Roman mosaics to inspire our own mosaic made using a print technique.

World Book Day

Our Residential Visit to Edale

In our Geography this term we are learning about upland landscapes . We went on a hillwalk from Grindleford to see the gritstone landscape.

Look in our gallery for more photos

This term in Art we have been looking at different landsacape artists and the different styles and techniques they use. We have sketched our local landscape and experimented with different media to create different effects. We have added texture to our landscapes. Please look at our amazing landscapes in the Gallery at the bottom of this page.

In music we are learning to play a variety of brass instruments. Have a look at out photos in the Gallery and a clip of us playing together.

Young Voices 2019

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We took part in Young Voices at Sheffield Arena. Please watch our video!

Our first concert with our brass instruments

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Please watch some clips of us performing for parents, teachers and pupils. See how much progress we have made!


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