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Who's Who

                       Meet the Staff at our School.

Mrs Caroline Hicks - Headteacher



Headteacher - Mrs Caroline Hicks

KS2 Teachers - Mrs Joanna Green Y5&6  and Mrs Sarah Farrell Y3&4.

KS1 and EYFS Teacher - Mrs Lorraine Bullock

Teaching Assistants - Mrs Nicola Parkin, Mrs Sarah Robinson, Mrs Donna Wood, Mrs Jenny Bagguley, Mrs Ellen Hopkins, Mrs Hazel Anderson, Mrs Joanne Beresford

School Business Manager - Miss Rebecca Perkins

Caretaker - Mr Mick Dalton

Lunchtime supervisor - Mrs Donna Wood, Mrs Katie Eavis, Mrs Jane Morgan, Miss Amy Cotterill


Here we are during our annual Wakes Week trying to look like fierce Victorian school teachers.

We like to join in !