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Spring Term 2

Our topic this term is Ancient Egypt. I'm looking forward to reading your books that you are doing for homework.


Ancient Egypt homework

Here is our timetable for this term.

We learnt about hurricanes today...we've learnt a lot and here we are spinning anti-clockwise in the playground. It was fun to do this but then we had to write about what would we do, what would we take and what would we leave? It's hard to imagine...

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Our science topic is The Human body. We have been learning about the heart, the circulatory system and the digestive system. Now we are going to learn how to keep our bodies healthy.


Last night was the first Drama club and it went really well. We played lots of games designed to make you feel relaxed about speaking and acting in front of other people. 

The aim for this term is to present a monologue while others use movement to act out the speech or story.

We had 16 children attend last night and if anyone else wants to have a go, come along next Tuesday! 

Here are some useful links to help support your learning: