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Friday fun

Fridays are a bit different. We are learning about Native Americans, and doing lots of designing and making, with Mrs Kearsey and Nicola.


We have found out about how the Native Americans lived in culture groups, in different regions of America. Depending on where they lived, they had different natural materials available, so they made different types of shelters, and ate different foods.


The Native Americans who lived in the Pacific Northwest made totem poles. We looked for pictures of totem poles and found out about the colours used and the meanings of the different animals. We then worked with partners to design our own totem poles, using animals which are important to us.

We have finished our totem poles and dream catchers. We have started to sew canvas together to cover our teepee frames.

Building our teepees

Still image for this video

Our totem pole designs

This week, we learned how to use old newspapers and paste to make a strong papier-mâché base for our totem poles. We had to rip the paper the right way, to make narrow strips. We put a lot of layers of paper and paste over our bottles. Each strip had to overlap the previous strip so our totem poles would be strong. The paste was slippery and messy!
On Fridays, we eat lunch in the woods. We have been making dens and looking at the different sorts of trees and the creatures who live in them.