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"Fred Talk" (Literacy)

We know these sounds:


Monday 11th m  "Maisie mountain mountain " (start at top)

Tuesday 12th  a  "round the apple, down the leaf" (start at top, round anti-clockwise)

Wednesday 13th s "slither down the snake"

Thursday 14th d "round the dinosaur's bottom, up his neck, and down to his feet"

Monday 18th t "down the tower, across the tower "


Words to try reading and writing: mat, at, mad, sad, dad, sat.


Tuesday 19th i "down the insect's body, and a dot for his head"

Wednesday 20th n "down Nobby, up and over his net"

Thursday 21st p "down the pirate's plait, up and over his face"


Monday 25th g "round the girl's face, down her hair and give her a curl"


Words to read and write: sit, dig, top, pig, pan, pin, tip, dog, got, on, gap, it, in, an.


Wednesday 27th o "all around the orange"

Thursday 28th c "curl around the caterpillar"


Monday 1st k "down the kangaroo's body, down his tail and his leg"

Tuesday 3rd u "down and under, up to the top, and down to the puddle"

Wednesday 4th b "down the laces to the heel, up and round the toe"

Thursday 5th f "down the stem of the flower, and add the leaf"


Monday 9th e "lift off the top and scoop out the egg"

Tuesday 10th l "down the long leg and a flick for the toes"

Wednesday 11th h "down from the horse's head to the hooves, up and over his back"

Thursday 12th r "down the robot's body, up and over his arm"